About Us

About Us

My Online Gym Fitness has been designed especially for over 40s and ex serving members of the military. Why is that? Simply put, the fitness world is full of really bad information and if you are anything like me, you are sick to death of seeing some mid 20s child telling you that swinging your arms in circles will be all you need to get your summer body back.

We live by the motto ‘Progress Over Perfection’

We all know that as we get a few more miles on the body and we try to balance growing families and work responsibilities we tend to forget about our most important asset. That is actually US.

So, how do we differ from the fitness influencers that are everywhere now?

Well, firstly, we follow a science based approach to both nutrition(we dont use the word diet) and to training (we don’t exercise, we train). This approach was developed by a Doctor and not by a gym bro.

Secondly, we believe that all we need to do is start the journey and make a single good choice. From that choice more good choices flow. From good choices come good results.

Finally, we are in this for the long term, we dont think that you will change your life in a 6 week challenge.. We do believe that with some consistency you will see changes in your body and your mind that you didn’t think possible.

Our Coach

Greg is a 50 something (really he wont tell us) ex service man, who became a trainer later in life and was involved in sports at an elite level for most of his life. There was a period though that he lost all direction. He weighed in at 130kg, smoked two packets of cigarettes a day and drank a bottle of wine and a six pack each night. In short, he was a mess. It culminated in a heart attack at 40 while he was working 70 hour weeks building a consulting business. And what did Greg learn from this…..absolutely nothing. It took another few years to sort himself out. But, at that stage he started to exercise and then study. Throughout this journey Greg tried it all, if there was a fad diet he bought the book. If he thought there was a quick way to get to the finish line then he went looking for it. And all of it just led to disappointment and frustration.

All that changed when there was an OH YEA moment where Greg discovered two things. First, is that sometimes the old ways are still the best ways. That means the old saying of buying around the edge of the shop is best. Fresh food will always win. Second thing was that it is still possible with a well thought out resistance (read weights) program changes in body shape and a return of strength is still possible, hell it can even right side those errant hormones that have decided to back right off cause they didnt like becoming 40.

Greg is now a qualified Personal Trainer and is also a Level 2 Transformation Specialist in the Metabolic Precision framework.

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