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Extraordinary Endurance – The Most Dominate Endurance Training Plan is Right Here!

Extraordinary Endurance – The Most Dominate Endurance Training Plan is Right Here!

Endurance athletes have got to have two things. They have to have cardiovascular endurance and total muscular endurance in order to be the best. Let me introduce to you a single exercise that you can implement into your endurance training program that will give you both of these much needed ingredients.

I am glad to introduce to you the kettlebell swing. As you may know by now the kettlebell is an ancient strength and conditioning device that has been used by the best athletes and strongmen for over three centuries. The cool thing about this training device is that it can be harnessed to achieve both muscular power or superior cardiovascular fitness!

This is hugely valuable to any athlete. As an endurance athlete training for cycling, marathons, or triathlons you can't ignore the kettlebell and what it brings to the table. Once again, the kettlebell swing is the base strength endurance lift that is performed with this iron cannonball. The double arm swing is done by you picking the kettlebell up with both arms and swinging it from between your legs up to chest level. This single movement incorporates hundreds of your muscles helping you develop tremendous hip, glute, back, leg, arm, and shoulder strength all in one single movement. The swing is properly performed by you implementing a very important technique known as the hip snap.

The hip snap consist of you fluently and consistently flexing and extending at your knees and hips to build the necessary momentum to swing the kettlebell. You will quickly find out just how challenging this very drill can be on your cardiovascular system after about a hundred swings! This strength training movement is huge for your endurance workouts.

If you want to truly compete then you must learn the kettlebell swing. Muscle endurance training has never existed the way it does with kettlebell swings. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only champions train smart!

Source by Brandon Richey

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