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Rocko's Strength Training Routine

Rocko's Strength Training Routine

How do you know how to choose a strength training routine?

This is a very discussed and an often misunderstood part of any fitness program. In my humble opinion these have to be included if you are going to reach your strength building goals. To get the most muscle mass possible you have to lift more weight then you are right now. Remember these important points when you start your strength training routine.

1. Set your weight lifting goals

This is crucial when beginning any type of weight lifting or fitness program. Decide what your goals are then tailor your program to reach those goals. Map out a plan of attack and your destination will be no surprise.Your program should be designed to meet your weight loss goals if that is what you are trying for. In order to gain muscle mass you must concentrate on a routine that is geared to building muscle. By recording and writing down your goals you will significantly increase your chances of success.

2.Consistency is king

If you want results then make sure you stay consistent. If you are cycling your training and your current cycle is to strength train then don't deviate from that plan. You must allow the time for your body to adapt to the stress you are putting on it. If your workout routine hits a plateau it's time to change it around. Don't change your strength training routine too soon or your results will be less than expected.

3. Strength training workouts

Don't overtrain your muscles, this is so important. Training only one body part once a week is a great way to start your strength building routine. Too often we see beginner weight lifters working out everyday and seeing little to no results. Strength training each muscle group only one time a week in the beginning will greatly increase your chances of success.

4. Compound weight-training exercises

I consider compound exercises as one of the most effective ways to build muscle mass and dramatically increase your overall strength. Squats, dead lifts and bench presses will workout your entire body and should be utilized in your strength building routine.

To create body quickly keep these four simple ideas in mind. Strength training must be an important part of any exercise program. The by product of achieving your weight lifting goals is increased strength and confidence.

Source by Kevin Forrester

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