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Spinning May Be the Perfect Workout For You

Spinning May Be the Perfect Workout For You

If traditional exercise equipment bores you, then spinning may be the perfect workout for you. This indoor cycling class is an innovative program that focuses on cardiovascular conditioning and muscular endurance.

Spinning is a stationary indoor cycling workout bringing athletic training programs to people of all fitness levels. It incorporates cycling, choreography and motivational coaching techniques to give you a completely safe, aerobic, adrenaline ride. Spinning is primarily an anereric exercise, pulling energy from your reserves and building up your muscular endurance over an extended period of time. Spinning is an aerobic exercise created to strengthen and tone your leg muscles. It is low impact exercise and therefore much healthier for your joints.

Utilizing a specially designed stationary bike, spinning classes target both the body and mind in a unique exercise program. Unlike a regular exercise bike workout, spinning involves a variety of movements and speeds, with spinners sometimes standing on the pedals and other times sitting like normal, sometimes pedaling at top speed and other times recovering at a slower pace

So whether you are a dedicated cyclist, dedicated couch potato or somewhere in between, looking for an enjoyable, unique form of exercise with amazing health benefits, why not give spinning a go. The heart rate based workouts integrate music, camaraderie and visualization in a complete mind / body exercise program and may emphasize endurance, sprinting, intervals, strength, or a number of other fitness goals. Participants burn an average of 500 calories in 40 minutes of non-impact, individually-paced cardiovascular exercise.

Spinning is usually performed in an "class like" atmosphere with motivating music playing while the instructor takes you through the workout using visualization techniques, assisting your imagination into feeling as if you are cycling over hills and through valleys. Used correctly, indoor riding can be a key component of a broad based cycling training program, particularly during the winter months.

Spinning Workout

A spinning workout will get your heart racing as you pedal to upbeat music. More and more people are recognizing the cardiovascular and muscle toning benefits of these workouts, while appreciating the minimal impact on their joints. Spinning is a great social class because with maybe the exception of those taking part in their first class can take part in any available class. It's this openness of classes that attracts participants of all ages, weights and fitness levels. As you are only pushing yourself there is no reason a relative beginner can't go with a friend who has been spinning for years.

Spinning brings the fun of outdoor activity inside to the aerobic studio. In fact, many who enjoy outdoor activities turn to spinning when the weather is bad or it is dark out. In addition, spinning allows people of different skill levels to be together in one place, where biking or running outdoors usually leads to separation and the loss of the group experience.

If you're interested in spinning classes and decide to participate, you'll go through five distinct levels (zones) of intensity during a class. These zones are warm up, endurance, strength, interval, and race. In a typical one hour class, you'll move between the levels, which will help improve your cardiovascular fitness level.

When you enjoy your workout, you're most likely to stick with it for the long term. Consistency with any cardio workout is the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle. The degree to which a cardio workout burns fat depends on the intensity of the exercise.

Source by Paul Rodgers

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